Case Study:

The Freshwater Pearl Company


Social Media Strategy, Social Media Management, Content Creation, Influencer Marketing, Paid Ads, & Email Marketing

The Brief:

The Freshwater Pearl Company was a new e-commerce jewelry brand with no social presence. We were commissioned to develop and execute a social media marketing strategy that would generate brand awareness and sales for the company. Eventually, taking on their email  marketing, blog and paid social ads efforts.

The Solution:

Giving back and fostering connections were very important. We knew that anything we put out on social media needed to go beyond just selling jewelry, but make real connections with those who have been affected by cancer. We developed a strategy to first work with Instagram influencers. These were product exchange campaigns with the goal of increasing brand awareness. We later partnered with bloggers and organizations as a way to drive sales.

We also created all their photos and videos for social.

The Results:

We partnered with Uncommon Threads. An organization that empowers low-income women. The founder is a cancer survivor and had a large network of influencers who supported Uncommon Threads. We were able to partner with them all for our Get A Pearl Give A Pearl Campaign. We spent $1,950 and drove $12k in sales.

Our blogger campaigns saw a 3.1 ROI.

Email marketing saw a 3.74 ROI.

Organic social generated 3.4m impressions.

Allison was one of the first people I started working with when I created my business just over two years ago.  It would be an understatement to say that Allison has made a positive impact on my business growth.  She cares deeply about my brand, and supports me to achieve and execute on my company’s mission and purpose.  It’s truly been an absolute pleasure working with Allison.  


Founder, The Freshwater Pearl Company

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